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Unsolicited Testimonials from All Over!

used with the Authors' permission

Dear Mary Ann,

 I received the pieces and I LOVE them! My fiancťe was so happy to get that for Christmas! And on 12/27 our beloved Maya took her last breath on our lap.

 Your pieces are by the front door where we can see it every day and think of her.

 I want to thank you again for being so kind on re-doing the order for me. Iíll always think of you and will refer you to anyone that ask about the pieces( which Iím sure they will because they are lovely!)

 Wish you a wonderful New Year!!



Hi Mary Ann,

I love the bookmarks! They're gorgeous!

My 2 Bracco Italiano girls are going to be featured in a 
Dogs of the East Bay book (release date is the 10th). 
I'm giving the book as Xmas gifts and including your beautiful 
bookmark with the book.

Thank you!


They came in and they are perfect!

Thank you so much for your fast and flexible response!

I will be sure to send pictures and comments from the other guys!

    Joel Kern

Hi Mary Ann!

The Scottie hardware I ordered arrived already and it is perfect! 

It is just as pictured on your website (and just like my Scottie Nellie too!). 

I'm glad I happened upon your website and will happily mention it to my friends. 

Thank you very much!  MARCIA


	Hi there - the bronze whippet hook has arrived, and it's a really wonderful 
miniature sculpture, I just wish I could have afforded to buy more at this 
time, but when I can, I'll be back! Many thanks.

All the best,
Hello Mary, I already have a lovely bronze Spinone hook I bought from 
you a couple of years ago now! This opener is intended as a present 
for a friend - I hope I don't like it took much and want to keep it for myself!!
Kind regards, Alyson Alyson Mills Drouin Victoria Australia 
I got the order--it is WONDERFUL.  Can't wait to send you photos!  You
 do SUCH great work!
	Lee Cera, Manhattan, IL

Dear Mary Ann,

The Ram's Head hardware arrived yesterday as promised

and I was just thrilled!!  They are even prettier than I'd imagined

 and I am just so "tickled" to have such a lovely gift to take to my

friend!  For so many years, they have mostly visited us ~ We never had the
resources for much travel when the kids were growing up,

and neither did they, really ~ He was a high school teacher and

she a social worker, but they put a priority on touring the US
and showing their girls most of the fifty states and, I think,
all of the national
parks!  They've camped everywhere, including our backyard! 
Thus, the appreciation for America's fauna.  AND she has always
brought me such nice things that I am truly pleased to be able to
give her these unique and artisan wrought pieces ~ and to be able
to tell her a little that I've discerned about the artist and her pure,

good spirit!  I'll be sure to send a report on Nancy's reaction.

Kathy Young; Manheim, PA

Hi Mary Ann,
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just received the Newfi door 
knocker.  What a work of art!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it and it is going to 
be just perfect on our door.  I can not wait until EVERYONE of my 
friends see it....ESPECIALLY my friend who suggested I look on-line 
for a door knocker.
Trust me when I say, your art work will be loved and cherished!
Thank you,
Sandi Taylor; Sandia Park, NM 
Mary Ann,
    It's nearly midnight and we've just returned
from an out of town trip, but I couldn't wait to
open the knocker and to let you know how wonderful it is!
Can't wait to mount it and see it proudly sported on the
front door of Hippop House. Best, Carol

Hello Mary Ann

Got the hippos today.......they are fabulous and I couldn't be

more pleased.  Will enjoy them.


Thanks so much for creating them and them to your repertoire.
Best Regards, AJ

Hi Mary
I just wanted you to know I received your pulls and

I have to say they are even better than I had hoped for.... 

Thanks for the speedy delivery.. These pulls are Awesome!!!!!!  

Have a great day.
Scott Griffiths; Bingen, WA

Hi Mary Ann
Just to say we have received the rabbit door knocker and we LOVE it!!

It looks really mysterious somehow on our front door!

Amazing to think it traveled so far.....thank you.
Best wishes
Denise Turner; Lewes, East Sussex; United Kingdom


Mary Ann
We received your lovely pulls today!  They are gorgeous,

better in person than on your website.  You have such a

talent.  I cannot wait to install them.  I will take a picture

and email it to you.

Thank you again and I look forward to the remainder of the pulls.
India Pruitt; Crozier, VA

Thought you would like to see the email I just got from my sister

- your gift was a huge success.  I just knew she would love it! 

From: Debbie K. Spak



My gift arrived...I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVE IT is so so so cute.....THANKS...GREAT GIFT FOR ME.


The napkin rings arrived today and I LOVE them. 

I ordered four for family use; I might be back for

four more to share with company!  They will make

a special Mother's Day surprise for my wife. 

Thanks again for your prompt, friendly service.


Hi Mary Ann, 

Each piece is truly beautiful, and I love all of them.   

Your craftsmanship is quite wonderful!  Thank you so much. 

Iíll be putting together the next order. 


Mary Ann,
I just got the hooks [Kerry Blue Terrier] and they are

just what I wanted. They are beautiful!

Thanks so much. I'm happy to forward your card and

info to my kitchen designer. We recently renovated

and perhaps she might have some additional business for you.


I just wanted to let you know how much I liked the hook.

You do beautiful work.  And thank you so much for sending

the custom hardware.  I'm telling everyone I know about

you and your art and encouraging them to check out your website. 

 Hope the holidays are the happiest! 
                                                       Best Wishes,
                                                            Stacie Stephens

Hi Mary Ann.
Of course you can use any or all of any of my messages. 

I meant what I said.  I was in awe of both the detail and the quality. 

Although I've never tried it,  I've read and heard a lot about lost wax

casting.  And I truly believe that we don't get enough compliments

in our lives. It seems people are always so quick to tell us when

they don't like something that we do, but rarely when they do. 

So, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was. 

Happy selling, and may the Muses keep smiling on you,
                                                           Stacie Stephens 

Mary Ann, 

I received the scarf rings today.  I love, love, love them! 

Theyíre beautiful.  I canít wait to wear them.  I may be

ordering some more for gifts.  Thank you so much. 

Jayne Allen

Hi  Mary Ann!
They arrived yesterday!  I am so pleased with them!  

Our new home is craftsman style, with arts and crafts

elements throughout. The hand crafted look of your

hardware is exactly what I was hoping they would be. 

They are perfect!!!
Thank you so much!!


Mary Ann,

The buttons are terrific!.  Iíve been meaning to email and have just

been way too busy. They arrived in Mondayís mail about 1:00. 

I picked them up and took them immediately to the hunt fixture for

Monday.  The hunt was just winding down and I got to show off the

buttons.  Everyone loved them.  Iíve got 3 orders to-date and have

to confirm the number of buttons each person needs.  Iím going

to work on getting a large order together and will get back to you

with it.  I would like most of the buttons pre-sold but will order

several sets for the club to have on hand as well. Iíve put 6 small

silver buttons on my blue Bull Run vest and they look wonderful. 

The professional seamstress that made the vest really liked the

buttons and she makes most of the custom clothes and puts most

of the colors and buttons on the Virginia hunt coats.

Would it be all right if I gave you name to several other hunt clubs

and see if they have an interest in making up silver buttons? 

I really love these buttons and want every hunt club to be able

to enjoy the same with their own logoís.

Many thanks for getting them to me before the season was done.


Bill & Lindy Sanford

Orange, VA 

Hi Mary Ann,

Your beautiful Deerhound pieces were a big hit at our specialty last weekend!

There were a lot of positive comments about our lovely trophy table with your

pieces on display.

I hope you will be getting some inquiries/orders from others. Sandy MacAllister

seemed quite interested so you may hear from her.

I was lucky enough to win several pieces myself, about which I am thrilled!
Thanks again for all your hard work. I hope to be ordering from you again!
Hope all is well with you.
Paula Pascoe

Hi Mary Ann,

I received my scarf ring in the mail today and it is
absolutely stunning!  I'm so very very happy to
have this in time to take to Westminster and I will
be very proud to wear it.  It's lovely. 

Can't wait to see the other new pieces!  I'm already
day-dreaming about maybe a door knocker and a
set of napkin rings!

Thank you again, the piece is just superb!

Susan Stacy Lowder


Hi, Mary Ann.
I hope that the autumn is finding you well.  We are finally beginning

to feel a tad settled in our new place.  It's been a long road, but we

do love it here!

I told you a long time ago that we'd send some photos of the pulls. 

They are wonderful.  We couldn't be happier.  In one of these photos,

 you'll see me holding one of your bronze templates next to the nickel

plated ones. 

It was such a pleasure to work with you.  The house remodeling process

is a tumultuous one ridden with conflicts and people lacking pride in

what they do.  Working with you was one bright spot for us and renewed

our faith in the process and in people.  Thank you for being so delightful

and for loving what you do.  We really enjoyed working with you. 

Let us know if there's some way we can help you down the road.

Best wishes,

Shelley Brickson
Associate Professor
Managerial Studies
University of Illinois-Chicago

Dear Mary Ann and Wendy -

I wanted you to know of one another's work.  We worked with Mary Ann (Cast
of Characters) on our gingko door pulls and we worked with Wendy (Stone
Hollow Tile) on our gingko tiles and on our dragonfly tiles.  The house
remodeling project was fraught with nightmares and difficult people.  You
two were a blessing to us.  We loved working with you both and we especially
loved that you take great pride in what you do.  You are both incredibly
gifted artists.  In the attached photo, you can see how we used your tiles
and pulls to compliment one another.  Perhaps you'll have a chance to share
your work with each other or with your clients.

Thank you both SO much for working with us and for bringing us glimmers of
hope during the process.  Seeing your work in our daily lives makes us

Warm wishes,

Mary Ann,

    I have been meaning to e-mail you for some time to thank you

for the extraordinary pieces you have made for me. We have homes

in Florida and on Cape Cod, and your hooks and pulls decorate them beautifully.

My stepmother in San Diego was so pleased with the Cairn Terrier pulls

you made for her. All of our guests are enchanted with the whimsy and the

quality of each artful piece. It is always a pleasure to pass your contact

information to my friends, as I know they will be thrilled with their purchases.

Your work is truly magical.

    Gillian Abramson, Manchester, NH

Mary Ann, 
	I received the beautiful Cavalier King Chas. Spaniel towel bar.  It's 
just magnificent.  I'm sure my dear friend will love and treasure it.  
May be hard for me to give it up.  Thanks so much for not only your lovely 
craft but also for your expedient shipping.  You're terrific! 
	Sheila Simmons


The package arrived Wednesday. WOW! We are most impressed and

THOROUGHLY satisfied. My husband is a graphic designer and can

be a bit critical about decorative items but he says that the knobs/handles

with the patina are even more attractive than he imagined from your website.

We can hardly wait until the knobs are installed on our new media storage

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.

Here's official permission to quote me. In fact, we are even MORE pleased

(if that's possible) now that our new cabinet has been installed and the

knobs/handles are in position!

I received them over the week-end and love them! They are so true to life its amazing!
I have been telling people about your web-site here in Boston and will be ordering from you again!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!
 Greetings Mary Ann!
The pieces are wonderful!  When my kitchen/back hall remodeling project is complete, I need to figure out if I can use one or two of the Husky head hooks.  They would go great with the cabinet I am having made that will have the pulls. 
I wish when I had the girls in school that I would have had the neat clicker.  Perfect to have a lanyard to hang rather than trying to hang onto a clicker, treats, and of course the dog!  One of my girls just doesn't quite 'get' the clicker idea, so now I just use totally positive reinforcement with the treats.  They respond better to that!  But I do love the clicker, I may have to get one just  because! Can't wait to see the brackets for towels, curtains!
Again, they are stunning pieces, and I can't wait to hear what friends have to say about them when they see them!
 Hello Mary Ann,
The hardware arrived today and it looks even better than the pictures.  I believe they will install it on Friday, possibly Monday as they are almost done with the dog room addition.
Thank you and I know I will be contacting you again for something for our raffle.

Cynthia Parker

Mary Ann,
Your package arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  I was delighted to find my little IG inside!  It is really a beautiful piece, very artistic and I tried it with a scarf -- and it looks lovely on.  Beauty and function!  What more can you want?  LOL  If I hadn't thanked you for the +FB you left for me -- Thank you so much for the kind words!  I left a "glowing" response for you!  When I speak with my sister next, I will tell her how delighted I am with the scarf ring and ask her about the keeshond pictures.  Thanks for everything!  By the way, now all I need is a "real" IG -- I have 3 cats (had 4, but one died).  I hope to find the little guy/girl who is meant for our household!  Enjoy the day, Francesca


Mary Ann,
Just want to thank you for the fantastic English Cocker Scarf Rings!  They arrived today and they are just wonderful.   I have highly recommended you on eBay and will also tell my other dog friends about you and your site.  Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.  I will also continue to keep you in mind as I do my Xmas shopping later this year.
Thank you again for your prompt service and correspondence.
Jo Dixon


Hi - We received the "Setters" yesterday.  They are already  on the cabinets and look great !!!!!  We thought they were quite expensive but after I read your enclosure about the process I can understand and appreciate the cost.  If you ever need an endorsement of your work we would be happy to supply one.  Thanks for a great job !  Fred & Lisa Schrank

Dear Mary Ann
The drawer pull is installed and looks splendid.  It is so lovely,

you are just wonderfully prompt, the packaging was great and

you are a treasure.  Thank you,

Mary Ann,

You are the best. Anytime you need a reference just contact me.

My new granite counter top is in, and the pulls look FABULOUS with it.

Thanks for sending the PUG. Lynne Gorman

Dear Mary Ann:
I can't believe you only charged me $35.00 for the medallion.

You certainly must charge more for your time. 

It's nice and I think my Mother in Law will cherish it as she's

had poodles most of her adult life.  Now to mount it.  Thank you so much.

             sincerely Mike Ouchida

Dear Mary Ann,
Wow! I am impressed that YOU are not just the seller of these beautiful
things, but the creator of them!  They are darling, darling!! I will
definitely be a customer!
Thanks so much,
Happy Baker

Hi, > I don't know if I wrote to you...old age setting in, I 
guess! :>) > The clicker was BEYOND is WONDERFUL! 
I do look forward to adding to this collection. > Thank you so much! 
Lara > PS I do plan on ordering one for our national specialty for 
a HIT trophy. It is in Aug, so i have some time. :>)
 I got the clickers......they are fabulous!!! I used mine in class this week and my puppy was very
happy that I quit dropping my clicker on her head.......I also think I will wear it as a pendant a lot!!
Thanks for everything!